Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information should I include on the order form?
Please advise us of the key message or story you wish to convey in a concise and clear manner.

The key questions to answer are:

Who you are
What you do
Where you are based
What you are announcing/promoting and why
When will your product/information/service be available
How and where it can be purchased, sourced, booked etc

Note: All Press Releases should include the following:

Quote from an appointed Spokesperson
A contact Name and Company Title
Contact Number
Contact Mobile Number
Contact Fax Number
Contact Email
Company Web site addresses (if applicable)

2. How are releases delivered?
All releases are issued electronically (that is, via email) using our extensive database.

3. Can you target a specific region instead of just National?
Yes, with our customised lists.

4. How do I know my release was delivered?
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your release has been sent with details of same.

5. Do you distribute worldwide?
No. Not at this time

6. How can you distribute releases so inexpensively?
Our mission is to offer a truly professional service to our clients at an extremely competitive rate. We aim to keep communication with our clients as simple and as straight-forward as possible via email thereby allowing us to keep costs to a minimum.

7. How do I place my press release order?
You can place your press release order by visiting our secure order form here or by Emailing us at


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