The Xpress Releases team is headed up by a former News Editor with a National Newspaper and a former Public Relations Director with one of Ireland's top Advertising and Communications Agencies. Between them they have over 40 years experience in the Media and PR industries.

Many Press Releases that reach journalists desks are quickly binned because they fail to catch the eye or spark interest. They simply fail to tell a story in a manner that has editors, reporters, specialist correspondents and feature writers wanting to know more.

At Xpress Releases we know first hand how to win their attention. Remember we understand the intricate workings and demands of the business.


The process involves the following Five SIMPLE steps:

  1. Fill in the online request form outlining the key messages and/or story you wish to convey in your Press Release.
  2. We will revert back to you with an initial draft of your Press Release.
  3. This gives you the opportunity to make amendments and allows you to give us your feedback*.
  4. Once you have Agreed & Approved the final copy**, we will then electronically distribute the Press Release to an agreed list of Media.
  5. On completion, we will send you an email verifying the Press Release has been distributed, along with confirmation of the date and time.

Attachments: We will accept photographic or illustrative attachments pertinent to the Press Release. However, we cannot arrange photography or be responsible for its usage. This is solely down to the client to arrange and to ensure it is sent to us for attachment to the final release. We will endeavour to advise you as to the best format and size that is acceptable by the various media outlets.

Do we guarantee that your release will get media coverage?
No. Because we have no control over what a particular media outlet deems "newsworthy" or suitable for use, we cannot make any such guarantees.

However we believe the Press Release we create for you will have the optimum chance of obtaining coverage. It is important to note that we do not hold editorial control of your Press Release once it has been issued.

Results vary greatly. Some clients can find their phones ringing off the hook but remember there are many variables that affect whether or not the media decides to pick up your story.

Do we act as a point of contact and/or spokespeople for media queries?
No. Once your Release has been issued to the media, it will be up to each individual organisation to ensure they deal with any media queries directly. It is essential therefore that a Spokesperson for the Company is appointed and contact details are given on the Release.

How is the coverage of our story monitored?
We do not offer a news monitoring service. However, we can recommend a News Monitoring Agency and we suggest you avail of their service for the purposes of tracking any coverage your Release receives in the media. For further information on how our process works and for additional guidance please seen our FAQ's section.

* Please Note: We require you to sign-off and confirm that you have approved the final copy before issue. We only allow for a maximum of two drafts of your Press Release for amendments before Final Issue. Any time spent on drafts/changes over this amount will be charged at an additional fee to be agreed in advance.
** It is important to note also that all releases must be finalised and approved 24 hours prior to being issued.


  • We aim to turn around your Press Release from your initial application to final distribution within ten working days. However, this can vary with each client and will be assessed accordingly.
  • We do not offer a weekend service, however in certain circumstances we will consider a special request.


Contact Us: info@xpressreleases.ie

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